gloss art paper Sticker

die cut sticker toronto
die cut sticker toronto

die cut sticker toronto

gloss art paper labels
gloss art paper label

Coated circle paper sticker

glossy rectangle paper sticker
glossy rectangle stickers

glossy rectangle sticker

cheap paper sticker
cheap paper stickers

Cheap paper sticker

Die cut paper sticker
Die cut paper stickers

Die cut paper sticker


  • Gloss Art paper stickers have lustrous appearance and is one of the most cost-effective stickers and the most popular stickers printed today.
  • It is great for any type of labelling texts and collaborates perfectly with full colour printing.
  • It has excellent quality of halftone dot representation.

Appropriate usage

polyethylene, polypropylene type containers and stationary, Promotional Handouts, Books labels, Food Packaging labels, wine labels etc.


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More information

Gloss art paper stickers have natural shine and the white surface coating has high absorbability of ink so that they are widely used for detailed label printing and sticker manufacturing.
Gloss art paper stickers also have excellent quality of halftone dot representation and is the most popular material.
These stickers are mainly used for indoor but it can be used for certain period of time for outdoor as well.Usually offered with a permanent adhesive, this paper stock is used when a high quality label is required.Due to the gloss finish, this material is not recommended for use with a pen or typewriter.