About StickerApt

Who is StickerApt?

Located in Toronto, Canada, StickerApt is a "Sticker and printing" specialist, using the latest technology to print stickers fast and cost effectively to reduce unnecessary cost customers had to pay until now. We deliver high-quality printed stickers for a price no one has ever offered in sticker printing industry. Our products range from simple art paper stickers to very unique domed, embossed or 0led stickers. StickerAPT also provides services, such as email quotes with 24 hour quote completion guarantee and free artwork check.

Customers seeking StickerApt?

It is our goal to astound customers by giving them the easiest way to make an impression for the best price. StickerApt's customers are both big business firms and government organizations who need massive quantity of stickers with great, reliable quality, and small business owners and private use targeted consumers - essentially anyone who needs high-quality, lower-volume sticker printing, at a great value. Anyone in need for stickers and labels, StickerAPT is the one that can satisfy your needs.

The secret of high-quality and services at such an unbeatable low price at StickerApt?

Latest technology and "Apt" at stickers for all our staff is the answer to this question. We at StickerAPT operate the latest possible cutting edge machines to suit very detailed, yet very laborious work used to be done in an old fashioned way. The automated manufacturing process cut down the precious time for both clients and StickerAPT as well as defects and printing cost dramatically. Our staff know exactly how important the quality of our stickers are and we double triple check the artwork sent by clients, printing procedures, and outcome products so that customers can be satisfied with our job 100 percent.

post process

All stickers excluding Dome stickers can be rolled to suit your requirement.
Foil cover
Presents a dash of very modern, yet prestigious metallic appearance. Most common colors are gold and silver but other different colors available.
Relief or depressed image with the added sense of dimension, embossing gives a whole lot of difference to your stickers. Available on metallic foil stickers.
Strong adhesive
Available on most of the stickers. With extra bonding adhesive for a stronger hold, this serves certain purposes according to your needs such as warning signs.
Partial adhesive
Can be applied to most of the stickers. Adhesive applied to specific areas of he stickers especially useful for signature flags, Indication flags, Wraps.

order process

Client quote approval
Client receives the quotation from StickerApt and gives a go sign.
File confirmation
Client sends the artwork file to StickerApt, gets it carefully examined, then confirms to proceed after receiving the final draft from StickerApt.
Payment and Manufacturing
Invoice is sent and payment is made at this point. Then the manufacturing process begins. (Turnaround time of 5~6 working days, a couple more processing days might be taken for more complicated post processing.
Delivery is absolutely free of charge and it usually takes 2 to 3 working days.
The total turnaround time
For general custom stickers is between 6 to 7 days, and for special process stickers it takes between 7 to 9 working days.